This New NAFDAC Approved Herbal Solution,Made From 2 Rare Leaves,From The Ancient Igboegunrin Forest In Ondo State ,Kills Premature Ejaculation; And Gives You Rock SOLID Ejaculation To Last Up To 53 Minutes In Bed Within 14 Days Or Less……..


 ….even if you are diabetic or have suffered It for over 50 years

This New Amazing Herbal Drink Eliminates The Top 3 Sexual Performance Problems That Men Face;

  • Made From 100% Herbal Ingredient – Unlike many of the products out there, AlphaMan is produced using 100% products sourced from the forest.The ingredients go through a purifying process before.
  • No Side Effects – AlphaMan is safe to use.And when used under the right dosage AlphaMan has no side effect.
  • It Actually Works – There are thousands of supplements and tonics in the marketplace that all promise to help with your sexual performance.Majority of these products do not work. AlphaMan is one of the few products that actually works which is why our customers keep telling people about it…..and even get it for friends.


Before then, I tried everything on the face of earth. Name them-all manners of creams, spray, jedi, kolaq, bitters. Even visited a trado doctor somewhere at Atikori, Ijebu Igbo in Ogun State. All sorts of crap.

None worked

…..until I ran into a specially formulated herbal mixture,made from a combination of a very rare but powerful root and herb….only found in the ancient virgin Igbonerin Forest in Ondo State….. reported to be over 1,479 years uncleared. These are herbs and roots you can NEVER find anywhere else.

According to the great grandpa,these herbs date back to the Bible days….

One of them was mentioned in the book of Song of Solomon, as part of the encounter between Solomon and his new wife.

It was alleged that taking the herbs created a romantic setting that helped Solomon impress women. Also,

Swedish women of the 17 centuries who are feeling neglected in the bedroom would serve their husband drinks made from the same herb……in an effort to increase their desire and stamina

No wonder, Catherine De Medici,known for being the woman with the highest level of libido in history,brought truck load of the herb to France when she married King Henry II of England in 1533.


Thanks to Tope,my then new girlfriend from Ilaje Ondo State [now my wife]

She just came into my life with loads of blessings, breakthrough and miracles.

Through her uncle, who’s a professor of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology at OAU, Ile Ife… she connected with the Ilaje grandpa who’s gifted with identifying and mixing these two natural ingredients

…and he prepared the mixture for me.

I used it… and the result was MAGICAL.

It totally renewed my manhood… and revitalized my body system.

The result surprised even my doctor that she couldn’t help but share my success story with some of her clients who are mostly top politician and celebrities.

That was how I was forced by them… through her to get more 100 bottles of this herbal solution.

After helping the politicians and celebrities, I thought I would be doing humanity bad if I do not bring this to the notice of the public… so that more persons can benefit,and through it, get rid of the shame and embarrassment of not satisfying their women.


You Too Can Get A Bottle………But There’s A Big Problem

Two problems actually…

The producer of this product is pretty old.

A very old grandpa of about 86 years.

The ingredients for the mixture are also very rare to find.

Hence he admitted that,if he MUST continue to produce the mixture…..he can only do 100 bottles in a WHOLE month.

And that is not going to be that….the same hugely discounted price 50% he gave us the first 100 bottles for.

What that further means is that...

The discount price you get it today…if you’re lucky to grab one or more of the remaining 43 bottles may likely double from the next batch;

that’s if there will even be a next batch. So if you’re tired of giving watery shameful excuses…

…here’s how to grab this “miracle in a bottle” right away;

Your penis is inadequate and small…that’s when you’re inside your woman…it appear like it’s a spoon inside a basin of water;

If by any way,you secretly wish there’s a no side effect way to add extra 3 to 7 inches to your current dick size…both in length and gilt.

Then,this USA made product, BOOST HERB is for YOU…..

A doctor friend in the UK recommended it to my friend….and it WORKED 100%.

No side effects now…..for 4 years on.

Not only that it’s 100% made from pure herbs,by top USA researchers and scientists….

It freagging works

Only problem is it’s hard and kinda expensive to get

…but you’re covered

REMEMBER: Due to Rare Ingredients, time and Old Age… Only 100 bottles of AlphaMan Are available Per Month… If it will continue by the way;

AlphaMan Base Pack 


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Some Most Frequently Asked Questions!!

QUESTION: Does Alpha Man contain any drugs?  

ANSWER: People always ask this question often based on the effectiveness of AlphaMan.The truth is that AlphaMan is produced from 100% herbal ingredients sourced from the forest [herbs, leaves, back, etc]

QUESTION: Can a diabetic patient use AlphaMan?

ANSWER: A diabetic patient can use AlphaMan if the person had no kidney related problems.Infact, AlphaMan could help with lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.But we recommend that you get professional advice from your doctor first.

QUESTION: Do I Have To Keep Taking AlphaMan Or It A One Time Thing?

ANSWER: Taking AlphaMan is not a one time thing.Just the same way eating food to get energy is not a one time thing. The good thing however is depending on your body type and how sexually active you are,one bottle of AlphaMan can last for as long as 2 months.

QUESTION: Is it not going to cause embarrassing erection?

ANSWER: AlphaMan is optimized to put your body in super-man sexual mood and give you the kind of big and robust erections that makes sex.If you notice that AlphaMan is making you have more erections than normal,we recommend that you reduce the amount that you’re taking.And try not to take AlphaManwhen you’re going to be in public.

QUESTION: Is it bitter?

ANSWER: Yes, AlphaMan is bitter but not very bitter such that you or anyone can’t take it.

QUESTION: Does it cause running stomach?

ANSWE: Sometimes, AlphaMan could cause running stomach if you take too much of it.That is because of its stomach cleaning effect.

QUESTION: What is the dosage?

ANSWER: AlphaMan comes with a dosage leaflet that that provides advice on how to take it.

QUESTION:Does it have an overdose?

ANSWER: We recommend that you stay within the prescribed dosage. But from our experience,there has never been any issue of with taking an overdose of AlphaMan.

QUESTION: Is the packaging discreet?

ANSWER: Yes, AlphaMan is packaged discreetly so that no one has an idea of what is inside the package.This way,you can quietly receive your AlphaMan bottles, store them somewhere cool and use them to power up.

QUESTION: Are there certain people who can use it?

ANSWER: Yes, AlphaMan is not recommended for pregnant women,people with kidney problems and people taking some serious medications.

QUESTIONS: How long does it takes for you to start seeing result?

ANSWER: It depends.If you take AlphaMan for the short term effect,you can see result in as little 10 minutes especially because it is in liquid form.

QUESTIONS: I Have Some Other Questions?

ANSWER: No problem. Call or email us on the number at the bottom of this page and we will do well to provide you with all the answers.

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